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Lightweight Hellfire Launcher


Mace Aviation has manufactured a light-weight, two-station Hellfire launcher that installs on all 14" NATO standard suspension racks. The Light-Weight Hellfire Launcher is designed to react a Hellfire hang fire condition and can be utilized on a wide variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The Light-Weight Hellfire Launcher is less than half the weight of the Lockheed Martin M310 Hellfire Launcher and utilizes standard Marvin Engineering Hellfire rails and a carbon fiber strong-back that weighs nine pounds. The Light Weight Hellfire Launcher is designed to increase the carrying aircraft's performance by minimizing the weight of the launcher, which can have significant benefits when utilized on light attack aircraft such as the AH-6 or OH-58D. The prototype Light-Weight Hellfire Launcher is complete and is currently undergoing ground and flight tests. Please contact Mace Aviation for details.

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