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Mace Aviation provides high quality aerospace design, engineering and manufacturing services without the hassle of dealing with a large corporation. We offer many of the same capabilities and quality management as the large defense contractors at a fraction of the time and cost.

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The Extended Range Weapons Wing is designed for all MD500 Series aircraft. The ER2W is an integrated weapons platform for light helicopters that offers four weapons stations and an internal fuel tank that significantly increases the carrying aircraft’s range and endurance. The weapons platform is designed to be easily installed when compared to other weapons platforms on the market and can be removed from the aircraft in less than ten minutes. Contact Mace Aviation for details.


  • Light Weight Carbon Fiber and Epoxy Construction
  • Removable Leading and Trailing Edges
  • Four Weapons Stations with Provisions for the Following Weapons:
    1. M134 Mini Gun
    2. Hellfire Rocket
    3. DAGR Rocket
    4. M260 Seven Shot Rocket Launcher
  • 35 Gallon Internal Fuel Tank with Self Sealing Bladder, Gravity feeds into OEM Fuel Tank
  • Quick Disconnect Fuel Lines
  • Design allows for Quick Installation and Removal from Aircraft
  • Designed to Meet FAR Part 27 Standards

  • Provides for Simple and Fast Reloading
  • Supports Dual 3,000 Round 7.62 Ammo Cans
  • Roll On/Roll Off Trolley System with Quick Release Pins

  • Lightweight M134 Mini Gun Mount
  • Quick Installation and Removal of the M134
  • Provides for Boresight Capability

  • Integral 35 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Housed in a Ballistically Tolerant Self Sealing Bladder
  • Gravity Feeds into Aircraft’s Main Tank
  • T-Handle in Cockpit Actuates Gravity Feed
  • Designed & Manufactured by Robertson Fuel Systems

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