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Mace Aviation provides high quality aerospace design, engineering and manufacturing services without the hassle of dealing with a large corporation. We offer many of the sam capabilities and quality management as the large defense contractors at a fraction of the time and cost.

03 Analysis


Mace Aviation can perform a wide variety of analysis services ranging from simple hand calculations to detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of an entire aircraft structure. We use industry standard simulation software such as Hypermesh, FEMAP and NASTRAN for structural analysis. The design and analysis software utilized by Mace Aviation allows us to quickly iterate between 3D design and structural sizing which provides an efficient path to customer requirements.

Modern computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software provides engineers with powerful numerical tools for solving, analyzing, and visualizing flow fields for aerospace products across a wide variety of flow regimes and conditions. Applications include high-lift prediction, drag prediction, identification of payload interference effects, and development of high fidelity stability and control derivatives. When coupled with a coherent engineering process, CFD provides an opportunity to increase product performance

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