Mace Aviation provides high quality aerospace design, engineering and manufacturing services without the hassle of dealing with a large corporation. We offer many of the same capabilities and quality management as the large defense contractors at a fraction of the time and cost.

Banshee UAV


Mace Aviation has teamed with NEXGEN Aircraft Corporation to provide turn key UAV systems, design and flight test services. The Banshee UAS was developed under an Air Force Research Laboratory SBIR contract and has completed initial flight tests. The Banshee UAS has a large internal bay that can be configured for a wide variety of payloads. Contact Mace Aviation LLC for details.


  • Specifications
    • Payload Weight:
      • 15 lbs (Nominal)
      • 75+ lbs (Max)
    • Payload Volume: 3.5 cu ft
    • Max Takeoff Weight: 230 lbs
    • Empty Weight: 125 lbs
    • Electrical Power: 500 Watts (Total)
  • Performance
    • Endurance
      • 24 hrs (15 lb payload)
      • 18 hrs (35 lb payload)
    • Max Speed: 90+ kts
    • Loiter Speed: 40 kts
    • Ceiling: 15k+ ft
  • Dimensions
    • Wingspan: 19.5 ft
    • Length: 11.0 ft
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